Video Testimonials

Cherie telling her story on how she found Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness in Madison, CT, and how she changed her life.

See how Shannon has gained the confidence that changed her life with the help of Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness in Madison, CT and Dr. Keith Mirante. Thank you, Shannon!

Watch and listen to David on how was able to get his life back on track when took action and came to Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness. Thank you for speaking so highly of us David!

Meet Gina, and listen as she discusses the different ailments she has been able to recover from because of regular chiropractic adjustments. Thank you so much for your kind words Gina!

Dave was skeptical at first, but in time he saw that the benefits of chiropractic care could really help him change his life. Dave took action, came to coastal chiropractic, and just see where he is now. Thank you, Dave!

Chiropractic isn't necessarily just for back pain and headaches. Elizabeth has regained her health and helped beautiful baby Kelly get through colic by helping her body "function" at 100% with a clear nervous system.

Alex's testimonial how chiropractic changed his asthma at Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness in Madison, CT. Alex suffered respiratory problems for years when his symptoms became unbearable, he learned that he had the ability to heal already inside of him.

Meet one of our patients Liz. Hear her story of how she found Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness and how she discovered a way to get rid of her headaches and migraines. Thank you so much for your kind words Liz! You are the greatest and we love that we have been able to help you!

This patient testimonial is about Wayne who has been struggling with his health for years! He committed himself to take the action steps to heal and his progress is remarkable.

Anne's life changed when she began trusting that her body was completely capable of healing itself.

She may be young, but she is tough. See how with the help of Dr. Keith Mirante, Brook was able to overcome a sports related injury and get back into the game!

Listen to Nancy talk about how she became a patient at Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness in Madison, CT, and why she is going to continue! Thank you so much, Nancy, for all of your kind words!

See how Paul has discovered his path to health and wellness through regular chiropractic adjustments with Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness. Paul discusses why you should see a chiropractor first when experiencing pain or discomfort. Thank you Paul!

Shannon has been a patient at Coastal Chiropractic and wellness for a while now. Hear her story on how she found Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness, and how regular chiropractic adjustments changed her lifestyle. "Once I started treatments the experience was awesome." Thank you so much for your kind words Shannon!

Why is preventative care so important? Why is getting checked out so important? Watch our latest patient testimonial with Elaine as she discusses the importance of being proactive about your health and wellness. Don't wait. Make today to the day you put your health first.

Becky has been coming to Coastal Chiropractic & Wellness in Madison CT for over a year, she has had life changing changes and even avoided neck surgery.

Watch and listen to Heather's story on how she changed her life through regular chiropractic adjustments.

Bethany, a "healthy" 63-year-old woman shares her story how she finally added the missing link and drastically improved her health with Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness.

Written Testimonials

  • "I was a bit skeptical in the beginning because I have been to a lot of chiropractors. Dr. Mirante and Morrison are not just chiropractors, but they care deeply about you as an individual. My neck and shoulder pain from years has finally subsided. 5 Stars for these doctors and their tremendous staff. You are the best Joey and Stephanie."
    Donna F.
  • "Been coming for years. Love Dr. Keith!"
    Sharon R.
  • "I was referred to Dr. Keith Mirante 4 years ago by a friend. I was reluctant to go originally because I have had an unfavorable experience in the past. Dr.Keith took the time to explain chiropractic care to me and the importance of not only corrective treatment but also maintenance. Four years later and I am still just as pleased and impressed as I was that first day. My job requires a lot of physical labor and chiropractic care regularly helps me to continue to work pain-free. I am truly grateful to Dr.Keith and his team for all their education and caring they provide. I recommend this office often to friends and family."
    Amber D.
  • "Love everyone at coastal chiro!! They are helping me change my life :)"
    Brandi S.A.
  • "Before being introduced to these amazing doctors, I was suffering from worsening sciatica and neck pain. I was on the verge of investing in a cane at the "tender" age of 63. At my first adjustment, my neck improved. A couple of weeks later, I was able to walk and climb stairs without pain! Two weeks later, I'm back to being able to sit cross-legged, something I hadn't been able to do for 30 years!! This is my first experience with chiropractor treatment, and I couldn't be more pleased. They have created a completely positive environment with a staff that is knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. What are you waiting for??!!"
    Jan H.
  • "The whole team - from the doctors to the support staff - are a great, caring group of people. Always willing to answer questions, listen to you, and give sound advice - they're really are looking out for you. Highly, highly recommend!"
    Kyle G.
  • "I am very pleased with my experience at Coastal Chiropractic. Dr. Mirante and Dr. Morrison and the entire staff are very knowledgeable and caring. I appreciate how they are able to address immediate concerns and at the same time create a plan to help with long-term goals."
    Emily P.
  • "Have had a great experience with Dr. Mirante and the Coastal Chiropractic Team. I have used Chiropractic care for years to help with chronic pain. The plan of care they suggested has helped me get beyond just coping. for the first time in a long time, I can say I feel Great!
    Visits to the office are always quick and easy, something I could never say about other doctors offices I have waited in."
    Todd G.
  • "I was referred to Dr. Mirante from an employer and could not be happier! From the first time I walked into Coastal Chiropractic, I have felt like part of a family! Stephanie has been amazing in helping me and keeping my daughter distracted while I got adjusted! And Joey has been awesome in keeping my spirits up and showing me how to do my exercises! Both Dr. Mirante and Dr. Morrison are incredible! They are truly amazing at what they do and have helped me beyond what I expected! I had terrible back pain and neck issues when I first saw them in July 2016 and by October 2016 I have almost zero back pain and my neck is feeling so much better! Dr. Mirante has not only helped relieve my back and neck pain but has taken the time to inform me of nutritional changes I can make to improve my results as well. His overall knowledge of health is incredible and he has changed my life in so many ways! Everyone at Coastal Chiropractic is always so helpful, caring and understanding!"
    Lauren M.
  • "When I first started going to Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness I had severe headaches and lower back pain from my job. It's been a few months now and I barely get headaches and my back feels a lot better. They've helped me out a lot and everyone there is very nice and truly cares."
    Ryan R.
  • "Lumbar curvature corrected by 60% in 3 months. Cervical subluxation corrected by 100%. Top notch, wellness-focused practice. Don't wait to get straight and feel great!"
    Nancy F.
  • "We all see Dr. Keith. None of us would trust our spines to anyone else. He is the most knowledgeable and caring doctor anyone could ever have!"
    Michele E.
  • "I starting seeing Dr. Kieth about 4 years ago. I was in pain all the time and I had horrible sciatica pain. After my first visit I noticed a huge improvement. He has not also helped me with my back but with my neck and hiatal hernia. I no longer have headaches and I no longer take medicine for the hiatal hernia. Dr. Kieth and his staff are very accommodating and thorough. Financially, he worked with me so I could afford to see him. Dr. Kieth and Dr. Morrison keep me mobile and in good health. They have taught me a lot about nutrition too. Seeing everyone at Coastal chiropractic and wellness is a huge priority in my life and I will continue to see the amazing docs at Coastal Chiropractic."
    Heather M.
  • "My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Mirante for over three years. Dr. Mirante has given our backs flexibility and put vitality back in our lives. Recently, I tweaked my back and was in terrible pain. Dr. Mirante was able to alleviate the pain immediately and in two weeks I was back on the tennis court. Dr. Mirante sincerely cares about his patients. One of the truly unique aspects of his practice is that your appointment time is movable. You can go earlier or later as long as you arrive during the office hours. Additionally, if you don't have a scheduled appointment and need to see him, just go. No one can top his care and this convenience."
    Sky T.
  • "Dr. Kieth Maranti is great. All his associates are very friendly. They all act in a professional manner. While tailoring their services to each individual client. Wouldn't go anywhere else!!!!"
    Max C.
  • "Coastal Chiropractic is the third chiropractic office I've seen since I hurt my back, and by far the best. They seem more knowledgeable, besides being more comprehensive, and concise, and for the first time I feel that there is actually feasible plan towards achieving a healthy spine once again. Dr. Mirante and his staff are extremely personable, friendly, and caring. I am just passed the 1/2 way point of my treatment plan and am excited to continue because the results are showing enormously."
    Andrew M.
  • "Ever since my first appointment with Dr. Mirante and the excellent team behind the miracles that they perform, I was absolutely astounded and blown away with the vast change in my life that they simply provided. I learned very valuable lessons about la healthy lifestyle and becoming the best version of myself. I could not be happier with the quality of the amazing work that they do. If you are looking for some inspiration in life, look no further than Coastal Chiropractic and Wellness in Madison, CT. Thanks guys!"
    Nicholai E.
  • "What really impresses me about Coastal Chiropractic is that Dr. Mirante genuinely cares about his patients' health. He really listens to our concerns and is 100% committed to improving the health of his patients. I frankly am disappointed with the care I receive by my physicians, who rarely inquire about my diet or exercise, and can only offer to write a prescription, or refer me to another specialist. I am grateful to have an alternative to the medical system rat race. I am so appreciative for the holistic comprehensive healthcare that I receive from Dr. Mirante and have been much healthier since I started receiving treatments and nutritional/exercise guidance from his office."
    Heidi W.
  • "A friend recommended Coastal Chiropractic & Wellness to me after she noticed the pain I was in. My hips, back, and neck were constantly hurting, I didn't feel well, and struggled to lose weight after having a baby. It took me over a year (of excuses) to finally make my appointment. I am so glad I did! After my first adjustment, my middle back pain was gone. After a month, my hips and neck were feeling so much better. I was finally able to move again, and I was inspired & supported by the staff at Coastal to tweak my diet and exercise. I dropped 60lbs in 8 months. BOOM!I don't just feel good....I feel powerful. I am in control of my health! Don't wait a year to make your appointment like I did, call them today!"
    Marci H.
  • "Dr. Mirante and his staff are extremely personable and professional. Their efficient team-work allows them to address individual needs and stay on schedule. The information they provide to clients is valuable and supported. I appreciate this very much."
    Melanie D.
  • "I first heard about Coastal Chiropractic in Madison, CT from my friend. After listening to how much Coastal was helping her and her daughter for their low back pain and sciatica, I thought, why not? At first I was worried because I had had a L3-L5 back fusion surgery almost 15 years ago and lived in daily pain. Over the years I had gone for band-aid procedures, that after a short time, put me right back to daily chronic pain. The pain in my lower back was intense and got worse during the day. Last year an Orthopedic surgeon from Yale performed a laparscopic laser treatment to kill two of my sensory nerves, after one year the pain was back. No doctor, until Dr. Mirante and the chiropractors at Coastal Chiropractic had anything but band aid fixes for my pain.

    After the very first corrective adjustment with Dr. Mirante, I felt relief in my lower spine which had felt like a thousand knots and tight as steel. I actually felt straighter when I walked out of the office."
  • "I was both skeptical and fearful because of the fusion surgery that was performed so long ago, but I was desperate for relief from my constant and life limiting back pain. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Mirante, Dr. Morrison and Dr. Chowianec at Coastal Chiropractic in downtown Madison, so close to my home in Durham, CT. They not only do corrective chiropractic procedures on my spine but also set me up with spine exercises designed for my back to do at home.

    I recently told the doctors that Coastal Chiropractic in Madison is a well run office, there is no wait time, you scan a card at the front desk, fill out the daily questionnaire (on a large computer screen) to let the doctors know how you are, and the sheet shows up when you scan in at the assigned room for the doctor to review. I am more than impressed with this office, everyone who works for Coastal is wonderful, caring and helpful."
  • "Last week I traveled by car to Va to visit my son. When I normally arrive, I am stiff and in pain. This past trip was a new experience for me, even my son and his family noticed the big difference in me. I was awake longer in the day, eager to play games with my grandchildren and did not complain about my back.

    I would recommend this office to anyone who is suffering with chronic back pain, even those who have been operated on. I strongly feel that your spine needs movement, especially when it is in constant pain.

    I am 71 years old, it is never too late!"
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Keith's for over 4 years now. What started as a posture correction issue, has become a way of life! Dr. Keith keeps me aligned and healthy! He always pinpoints trouble areas that stem from heavy workout days or strange sleeping habits. I feel better every time I leave his office. His staff is very helpful and caring - you could not ask for a better overall experience!"
    Rachel F.

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  • "There should be 10 stars. I love Dr. K and his stellar staff. Heroes and Angels, dramatically improved the quality of my life."
    Zina T.