Chiropractic and Kids

In this video Dr. Keith Mirante discusses if Chiropractic can help your child.

Chiropractic care can play a pivotal role in your child's overall wellness and development. From birth and beyond, children encounter many physical stresses during their growing years. Growing spines also encounter many critical developmental stages. Chiropractic care can support these changes and counter many common childhood disorders in a healthy manner.

Chiropractic care for children is safe, gentle, and effective.  Your doctor will provide a thorough evaluation to determine what the best approach for your child will be.

Common child disorders chiropractic can help with are:

Development and Chiropractic Care

Many children go throughout their adolescent and teen years not realizing they need chiropractic care until they reach adulthood. This prevents the body from developing properly and reaching its optimal potential due to subluxations (bones that are not moving properly). When subluxations occur, our body compensates creating curves in our back called scoliosis. Along with these curves, the nerves that exit each bone loses its maximal potential in supplying the muscle it controls as well as the organs associated with that spinal level. These subluxations lead to a lifetime of accidents and progress into pain and low quality of life.

Kids suffer from subluxations every day! Even if they have the best non-traumatic birth they are still kids that play and fall all the time. 

When kids fall, that puts stress on the joint of the spine causing a subluxation (bone that is stuck). Trauma is not the only way kids get subluxations or scoliosis. Parents with a history of scoliosis may pass that down to their child. It is crucial to get your child checked as early as possible so that they can live their life to their fullest potential. Kids are extremely pliable and respond to chiropractic care extremely fast! Get a head start on your children’s health and don’t wait for the unwanted to occur.

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