Chiropractic and Crossfit Injuries

Crossfit injury? In this video, Dr. Keith Mirante discusses Crossfit Injuries and how to get back to your WOD as quick as possible. Whether you are experiencing neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, or hip pain from your Crossfit injury, early detection is most important.

If you love Crossfit and have become injured, you are likely asking yourself, when can I get back to my next WOD.  Sometimes pushing through it may be the right answer, sometimes it isn’t. 

As incredible as Crossfit is for the body, fitness, and psyche, it places a tremendous demand on the body during high levels of physical exertion.   Some of the exercises and movements can place your body into compromised movements.

Our office is proponents of Crossfit as we regularly see the common Crossfit back injuries that come along with the sport.  We will provide you with a detailed examination to identify the cause of your problem in order to get you back to your favorite WOD as quickly as possible.  More importantly, we will identify imbalances or weaknesses to prevent the same injury from recurring.

Most of the common Crossfit injuries respond amazingly with Chiropractic care at our Madison Chiropractic office.

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Understanding Crossfit & Chiropractic

As a CrossFit athlete himself, Dr. Mirante understands what the body goes through on a day in, and day out basis. This has allowed him to help a tremendous number of athletes not only return to the sport faster but maintain high levels of performance. Whether your goal is to hit a PR or to maintain high function we can help.

The CrossFit population seems to be willing to eat like a saint, train like an animal, and make lots of sacrifices for the sake of performance. When it comes to treatment and maintenance, however, it seems to take the extremes of a catastrophic injury to get a cross-fitter to see a chiropractor.

CrossFit is the Sport of Fitness

It is built and programmed around variability, functional movements, and intensity. CrossFit trains the body to function optimally as a unit and efficiency is key. This means the nervous system must be performing flawlessly so the muscles respond properly. Your body is a complex integrated system of beauty that instinctively repairs or adapts itself. When one area of your body becomes injured or shuts down, everything in your body compensates for that injury. Remember, “the ankle bone is connected to the knee bone”. Not to mention, these breakdowns make the body less efficient.

The complex movements of Crossfit, such as the overhead squat, deadlift, cleans, and so on, require a high level of fine-tuning, and a body that is weak in one area eventually manifests itself in a form of an injury. Injuries such as low back pain, sciatica, SI Joint pain, numbness or tingling are all symptoms of an injury.

If you are looking to return to the box or want to stay in the box symptom-free, set up a consult with Dr. Mirante to see how he can help. We are serving Crossfit Athletes in Madison CT, Guilford CT, Branford, Clinton CT, Old Saybrook CT, and Westbrook CT.


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