OUR PROCESS - What to expect at your first appointment


1. Initial Questions

Before coming in for your appointment you will be asked to fill out basic health forms explaining your medical history and the reason for your visit.

Some common questions we may ask are:

  • When and how did the pain start?
  • Where the pain is located?
  • Does the pain come and go, or is it continual?
  • What are your goals with our help?


Insurance:  We will verify your insurance on your behalf upon arriving to the office.  Once the Doctor knows exactly the cause of your problem and what treatment will be necessary for you, we do everything we can to maximize your insurance and inform you of your coverage so there is never any surprises.  We accept ALL major insurances including Medicare.  We do not participate with Husky. 

2. The Examination

During the initial chiropractic exam we will:

  • Check your vitals
  • Check your range of motion
  • Check your reflexes
  • Perform orthopedic testing
  • Take X-Rays if necessary

After gathering that information your chiropractor will create a customized treatment plan based on:

  • The extent of your injury
  • Your general health
  • The condition of your spine as affected by the injury

3. The Treatment

After gathering and assessing the information from your initial chiropractic exam its time to start your personalized treatment. Your treatment may include:

  • Adjustments
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Techniques to improve soft tissue healing and pain control
  • Physical Therapy

4. Establish Goals

Our goal is to help relieve your symptoms as quickly as possible.

We will discuss both short and long-term goals for treatment.

  • Short-term goals include reducing pain and restoring joint function
  • Long-term goals include restoring functional independence and enjoying daily living, pain free.

Once your goals have been established, your chiropractor will be able to estimate the length of the treatment.


5. Review Findings & Discuss Finance and Insurance Options

We will review your exam findings, X-rays, how long your treatment will be, and your finance and insurance options.

We will submit to insurance on your behalf and maximize reimbursement for you.  We have payment options to suit all financial abilities and will ensure all financials are discussed before intiating care.