“I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of my progress. Back on 1/28/20 I came to you for my first appointment. I had already been experiencing the worst case of vertigo I had ever experienced in my entire life for two weeks nonstop. I couldn’t drive, I missed going to work, I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t move my body in any way that would aggravate the vertigo.

I had vertigo and numbness on the entire right side of my face. When I scratched behind my right ear I was able to hear it on my left side, not on my right. I attributed this to tinnitus, but I knew that the numbness was being caused by nerves. I knew I had a problem with my C1 that multiple doctors, ENT, neurologists, and other chiropractors missed. You found what I’ve always known to be the problem with the very first set of x-rays! Whenever I pressed on my forehead, temple or cheekbone on the right side, I could hear it inside my right ear. It’s obvious it was nerve related, but other providers took me as crazy and demented.

I’ve been under your care for almost 3 months.

  • I can drive myself to my appointments
  • The vertigo is way less intense. It’s improving every day as my body looks for its “new normal” as it heals and transitions
  • No more numbness on my face
  • No more tingling
  • My back muscles aren’t as tight as they were

Thank you for listening. Thank you for answering all of my questions. Thank you for working with me when I didn’t trust but took the chance. Thank you for your laughter. Most of all, thank you for not making me feel like I was crazy while I described my symptoms to you. Millones de gracia.” Maria H.

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