"I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of my progress. Back on 1/28/20 I came to you for my first appointment. I had already been experiencing the worst case of vertigo I had ever experienced in my entire life for two weeks nonstop. I couldn’t drive, I missed going to work, I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t move my body in any way that would aggravate the vertigo.

I had vertigo and numbness on the entire right side of my face. When I scratched behind my right ear I was able to hear it on my left side, not on my right. I attributed this to tinnitus, but I knew that the numbness was being caused by nerves. I knew I had a problem with my C1 that multiple doctors, ENT, neurologists, and other chiropractors missed. You found what I’ve always known to be the problem with the very first set of x-rays! Whenever I pressed on my forehead, temple or cheekbone on the right side, I could hear it inside my right ear. It’s obvious it was nerve related, but other providers took me as crazy and demented.

I’ve been under your care for almost 3 months.

  • I can drive myself to my appointments
  • The vertigo is way less intense. It’s improving every day as my body looks for its “new normal” as it heals and transitions
  • No more numbness on my face
  • No more tingling
  • My back muscles aren’t as tight as they were

Thank you for listening. Thank you for answering all of my questions. Thank you for working with me when I didn’t trust but took the chance. Thank you for your laughter. Most of all, thank you for not making me feel like I was crazy while I described my symptoms to you. Millones de gracia." Maria H.

"I am truly impressed by the level of professionalism at Coastal. Several of my family members receive care here and each of us has a different plan (catered to our own needs and bodies). Keith and his staff are always ready and willing to answer questions and offer recommendations regarding chiropractic care and overall health. My headaches have decreased tremendously as well as constant neck and back pain. I am always greeted with a smile and I truly feel at home. Thank you for providing a service that I can wholeheartedly recommend to others!" Jillian B.

"Let me start by saying this is the first time in my life I have used chiropractic services. For the last year I have struggled with lower back and hip pain and worked with a variety of modalities in order to try to alleviate the pain. All helped but there was always a consistent nagging pain to my left hip. That is until I came to Coastal. From the first meeting I was optimistic that Dr. Keith and his group could help me and I have not been disappointed. He not only took the time to explain everything prior to my first adjustment, he and the other amazing chiropractors there work a specific plan to my issues each and every time I come. Ok, so what you really want to know. Yes, in the last month I have noticed that more often than not I have zero pain, and when I do, it is no where near the intensity or debilitating as it was before. Not only do I come for adjustments and stretches, they sent me home with a program to include in my care. And, as if the level of professionalism and individual care wasn't enough, the front desk staff are friendly, professional, helpful, and clearly care about their work and us!!! Overall I am so thankful that I decided to come to Coastal!" Phil M.

“I was referred to Dr. Keith Mirante 4 years ago by a friend. I was reluctant to go originally because I have had an unfavorable experience in the past. Dr.Keith took the time to explain chiropractic care to me and the importance of not only corrective treatment but also maintenance. Four years later and I am still just as pleased and impressed as I was that first day. My job requires a lot of physical labor and chiropractic care regularly helps me to continue to work pain-free. I am truly grateful to Dr.Keith and his team for all their education and caring they provide. I recommend this office often to friends and family.” Amber D.

"I was recommended by my pediatrician to take my 4 month old to Coastal Chiropractic to help with colic/sleep issues/etc. I was a little hesitant with the idea at first but now I wish I went sooner! I couldn’t be happier with my experience here. Dr. Mirante and staff are amazing! They are so welcoming and friendly and I have already noticed great improvement with my daughter. Highly recommend!" Rachel C.

“I am very pleased with my experience at Coastal Chiropractic. Dr. Mirante and Dr. Morrison and the entire staff are very knowledgeable and caring. I appreciate how they are able to address immediate concerns and at the same time create a plan to help with long-term goals.” Emily P.

I have experienced TMJ symptoms for the past year, but this fall I started having more debilitating symptoms including my jaw locking and only opening halfway. I started seeing Dr. Mirante for this issue in October and began seeing improvement within a few visits. His treatment, along with the exercises he gave me, allowed my jaw to fully unlock. It has been almost a year since my TMJ symptoms have been this minimal. I am so glad I started seeing Dr. Mirante before my TMJ symptoms became more severe! E.C.

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