Chiropractor performing a shoulder evaluation

Shoulder pain has many potential causes. If you experience shoulder pain, you’ll quickly realize how often you use your shoulder, each day. 

The shoulder is comprised of several bones, muscles, and ligaments that should work harmoniously together allowing freedom of range of motion to perform activities from raising your arm overhead to throwing a ball.  Commonly, faulty biomechanics of the shoulder is a precursor to pain and limited range of motion.


Everyone at some point in their life has experienced shoulder pain that has been debilitating or at best painfully irritating. Whether a specific trauma or a repetitive stress injury caused pain and loss of motion to the shoulder, ice and anti-inflammatory medications will only help mask symptoms, not addressing the root problem. To better understand the process of these types of injuries we have to understand how the body works. When we have any sort of major or micro trauma to a joint our innate response is to guard and prevent any movement. Based on our physiology, movement is directly linked to decreasing pain as well as improving so many other aspects of our overall health. 

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Why are we so afraid of movement? A study showed that there was a significant deterioration in the overall health in elderly folks that relocated to a single level home compared to those who stayed in a two story home. So what does this have to with shoulder pain and chiropractic? When there is trauma to your shoulder, you develop lack of motion and pain. If that is not addressed properly, the pain will eventually subside, but the complete motion of the shoulder will never be restored. Due to those faulty biomechanics over time you develop chronic shoulder pain as well as acceleration in the degenerative changes. This lack of motion is called a subluxation and chiropractic adjustments correct subluxations. We restore full motion to the joint so that it can heal properly and function optimally without pain. Age is just a number and excuses are getting old. Fix your shoulder before it’s too late. We serve Madison CT, Killingworth CT, Clinton CT, Guilford CT, Branford CT and many more surrounding towns.

If you or anyone you may know that is suffering from shoulder pain please contact our office for a detailed evaluation. During your examination we will sit knee to knee to take a detailed history, we will perform orthopedic and neurological exams which means we will be able to pin point the causation of your shoulder pain. We will also take a detailed set of x-rays with a motion study of the region of complaint, which will tell you how each individual bone moves or does not move, and how we can help you get rid of your shoulder pain.